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Welcome to Fabric Confetti!

My Fabric Confetti™ is my whimisical line. Many of these patterns utilize fabric confetti to embellish and give a layered effect to the designs. These delightful and brightly colored appliqués are easy enough for sewists of any skill level to master and come in patterns for embroidery machines or regular sewing machines. Let Fabric Confetti™ help you sprinkle a little fun on your appliqué! 


The designs in my HappNstance series are based on floral embroidery designs from Germany in the early 1930s.  During this time, my husband’s grandfather, Carl Happ, owned a factory in Berlin that stamped lines with embroidery designs so that they could be hand embroidered.  Carl Happ was born 1879 in Strelno, then still part of Germany, but after WW1 part of Poland.  He was the youngest of 11 ...

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From the Blog

Wreath for All Seasons at B...

August 17, 2015

I taught my Wreath for All Seasons pillows pattern last week at Bernina Connection.  This is Donna Gazda's finished pillow!  It...

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Potpourri Flowers

February 24, 2015

Two wonderful women have shared pictures of their Potpourri quilts with me this week. The first is by Pamela Olney...

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