Cutting Files for the Artistic Edge

by Vanessa Fromm

It has come to my attention that the .SVG files that I include on my CDs cannot be opened in the Creative DRAWings SimpleCut V7 software for the Artistic Edge cutter. 

At first I thought I was doing something wrong because my current .SVG cutting files open easily in the Designer Edition of the Silhouette software.  When I started playing around with saving these files as older .SVG files, I could no longer open them in the Silhouette software. Thus, this was not a solution.

After a lot of investigating, and Googling, and trial and error, I have a "work-around". This involves saving my cutting files off as .EPS files. 

I have converted all the ELEMENOPEA files to .EPS files and I have tested each one by bringing them into the Creative DRAWings SimpleCut V7 software individually and saving them off as .DRAW files.  

I will continue to work on converting the files for my other patterns to .EPS also.  ( I will not be including the .DRAW files, you will be able to do that once you have the .EPS files.)

While I am in the process of doing this and testing each file, please let me know if you already have one of my patterns and you need these .EPS files.  Please use the contact page on my website and I will get back to you as soon as is possible.  

Thank you!!!!