Wreath for All Seasons at Bernina Connection

by Vanessa Fromm

I taught my Wreath for All Seasons pillows pattern last week at Bernina Connection.  This is Donna Gazda's finished pillow!  It looks fabulous.

Donna, asked me the best way to stitch on the piping and this is what I suggested ( I just made 12 more samples):

I liked the #20 foot somewhat for making binding but found the zipper foot at just one notch left of the center a little bit better. Then when I attached piping to pillow top I used the zipper foot with needle two notches to the left of the foot. Lastly, when I stitched it all together I used the zipper foot with the needle as far to the left as possible. 

It is in that class that we realized that the mega hooping folder is missing the 3rd hooping.  I have included the addional files under Pattern Updates.

Please send me your pictures!  I love posting them.:)