Masks for Heroes!

by Vanessa Fromm



After hearing that there were so many healthcare providers that were out of masks during this global Coronavirus crisis, I joined Maskapolooza on Facebook and read about all the fabulous masks that everyone was making. I decided to dive in and help and I picked the A.B. Mask - by a Nurse for a Nurse  because it appeared to meet my criteria: uses ties instead of elastic, and uses darts to to hold the mask on the face instead of wires.  I also had an end taker - Agave Pediatrics here in Arizona. 


Over the course of two days, I made 50+ masks. I had the help of two friends, one that traced, cut and marked the masks and the other that ironed the folded ties.

I had to make modifications the original pattern in order to mass produce. 

Click here for the pattern and template for the tie version.:)

Click here for the updated pattern and template for the elastic version :)