Inked - Eat Your Veggies for Machine Embroidery

Inked - Eat Your Veggies for Machine Embroidery

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Inked - Eat Your Veggies is the second in a series of machine embroidery designs illustrated by Heather Corey and digitized by Vanessa Fromm. These designs look fabulous on bags, purses, pillows and clothing!

This pattern contains the following:

A collection of machine embroidery designs in the following formats: art60, .art, .dst, .exp, .hus, .jef, .pes, .shv and .vp3.  Each design comes in two sizes. Requires a hoop with an embroidery field at least 145mm x 255mm (5.7” x 10.00”). 

Instructions and color recommendations for stitching out each design.

Design Sizes:

  • AvoCuddle (Small):  H: 4.50”  (114.3mm) W: 4.70” (119.4mm)
  • AvoCuddle (Medium):  H: 5.50”  (139.7mm) W: 5.55” (141.0mm)
  • AvoCuddle (Large):  H: 6.50”  (165.1mm) W: 6.55” (166.4mm)
  • BeetofMyHeart (Small):  H: 6.00”  (152.4mm) W: 4.29” (109.0mm)
  • BeetofMyHeart (Medium):  H: 7.00”  (177.8mm) W: 5.00” (127.0mm)
  • BeetofMyHeart (Large):  H: 8.00”  (203.2mm) W: 5.72” (145.3mm)
  • LetThemEatKale (Small):  H: 5.50”  (139.7mm) W: 5.13” (130.3mm)
  • LetThemEatKale (Medium):  H: 6.50”  (165.1mm) W: 6.07” (154.2mm)
  • LetThemEatKale (Large):  H: 7.50”  (190.5mm) W: 7.00” (177.8mm)
  • LettuceParty (Small):  H: 5.50”  (139.7mm) W: 5.04” (128.0mm)
  • LettuceParty (Medium):  H: 6.50”  (165.1mm) W: 6.13” (155.7mm)
  • LettuceParty (Large):  H: 7.50”  (190.5mm) W: 7.07” (179.5mm)



This pattern was not designed for the type of applique where you cut away the extra fabric. The templates are the actual applique size and after cutting out the pieces, you will place the pieces within stitched-out placement lines.

HOWEVER: You CAN use the cutaway method for your applique, but you will have to repeat the placement line after you place your fabric down and before you cut your fabric away.   I do not include a second placement line or a tack down stitch in my designs.

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