Cutting with your Silhouette Cameo

By Vanessa Fromm
on February 27, 2016

Here are instructions for MY method of cutting applique with the Silhouette Cameo.

Wreath for All Seasons at Bernina Connection

By Vanessa Fromm
on August 17, 2015

I taught my Wreath for All Seasons pillows pattern last week at Bernina Connection.  This is Donna Gazda's finished pillow!  It looks fabulous.

Donna, asked me the best way to stitch on the piping and this is what I suggested ( I just made 12 more samples):

I liked the #20 foot somewhat for making binding but found the zipper foot at just one notch left of the center a little bit better. Then when I attached piping to pillow top I used the zipper foot with needle two notches to the left of the foot. Lastly, when I stitched it all together I used the zipper foot with the needle as far to the left as possible. 

It is in that class that we realized that the mega hooping folder is missing the 3rd hooping.  I have included the addional files under Pattern Updates.

Please send me your pictures!  I love posting them.:)

Potpourri Flowers

By Vanessa Fromm
on February 24, 2015

Two wonderful women have shared pictures of their Potpourri quilts with me this week.

The first is by Pamela Olney of QuiltWorks Northwest, Beads and Beyond.


The second Potpourri quilt is by Mary Lou Nevin.  She took my class at Bernina Connection last Saturday, but showed up with the center already finished!!!!  I love how she made the stems thicker. 

Thank you ladies!!!!!!! It is so exciting for me to see how others interpret my patterns.

Studio Spotlight Blog Hop

By Vanessa Fromm
on January 22, 2015

Hi, I'm Vanessa Fromm of Fabric Confetti.

Welcome to my studio(s).

First up is my desk where I have two computers. I design on the Mac with 2 screens and I digitize on my PC laptop. There was a point in time that I did everything on my Mac but last summer I got tired of using Parallels on my Mac to run my digitizing software, so I broke down and bought a gaming PC. It works wonderfully now, and I share files through Dropbox.


Next up is Studio One. We created this area by adding a floor above our dining room. Our high ceilings made this possible. This studio is more of a loft. It has one solid wall, one wall with windows, and one wall that is half wall, half railing. I love this room and my husband loves walking by it because it is so cheerful and colorful. The large armoire was my daughter’s closet when we lived in England. The rest of the furniture is care of IKEA and Big Lots.

On either side of Studio One, I have two large tables – one with a cutting mat on it and the other with an ironing surface.


I keep my Silhouette cutter and laptop computer at the back of the cutting table because it is in constant use. I use my Silhouette to cut out ALL my applique shapes.


The middle island holds my embroidery machines and I hang my hoops on the wall.

I am a bit of a collector. That word sounds so much better than “hoarder.”

I try to keep my fabrics and threads organized by color.
There are a few exceptions: I have designated drawers for Kaffe Fassett fabrics, for batiks, and for solid fabrics.

I also have special boxes for Aurifil, Isacord, and Floriani threads.

I keep my Bottom line threads on a pegboard next to my embroidery machines. Everything else goes in drawers.

I use plastic bins and drawers to store most everything. I label each drawer so I can find things easily.

Last but not least is Studio Two, otherwise known as Olivia’s old bedroom.
This is the home of my longarm and everything else that does not fit into Studio One.
My second Potpourri quilt is currently loaded and needs to be finished by next week.

Thank you for joining me on a tour of my studio. I realize how fortunate I am to love what I do and to be able to get out of bed every morning and be creative. Stop by periodically and see what I’ve been up to.

If you’d like to enter my pattern giveaway, add your comment by the end of the Studio Spotlight Hop (Jan. 23rd) and five winners will be randomly drawn and announced on Sunday, Jan 25 (my birthday!).

The prizes are:
Confetti Affirmations + a 9 inch x 18 inch piece of chalkboard fabric
Confetti Greetings + a 9 inch x 18 inch piece of chalkboard fabric
Confetti Cupcake Quilt + pre-cut confetti
Confetti Veggies Quilt + pre-cut confetti
Timeless Quilt and Table runner

Get extra chances by signing up for my newsletter on my website, liking Fabric Confetti on FaceBook, or start following Fabric Confetti on Instagram.

Red Thumb Reminder

By Vanessa Fromm
on January 09, 2015

I'm starting off the new year and trying to keep to my resolutions (or routines). The first is to blog once a week and the second is to email once a month.

I will be participating in the Fat Quarter Gypsy's Studio Spotlight Blog Hop on the 22nd of January, so I am trying to finish projects and clean up my studio. 


I got the idea for this steering wheel sleeve when I watched the Red Thumb commercials by Nissan while I was watching The Voice.  The idea is that by wearing something red on the thumb that you text with, it will remind you not to text while you drive. Of course, I have to hold my phone with one hand and text with my right pointer finger because I never got the hang of holding my phone and texting with the thumb of the same hand.


Drive Safely!!

Quick Tip for using Chalkboard Fabric

By Vanessa Fromm
on December 05, 2014

I've been making several chalkboard table runners and chalkboard placemats as Christmas presents.  And, even I can make mistakes such as hitting the front of the chalkboard fabrics with the iron.  

Thus, I have come up with a solution.  While you are constructing your table runner or placemat, ALWAYS iron from the back. Then after you finish quilting your piece, pin (or in may case, tape) a piece of cotton fabric over the chalkboard fabric so that you do not inadvertently hit it with an iron as you are applying your binding.  



Winner of the Neat Scanner Sweepstakes for Orange Wednesday

By Vanessa Fromm
on December 05, 2014

My entry, my Orange Dynasty Quilt, won the Neat Scanner Orange Wednesday Sweepstakes!

If you go to their Pinterest page, my entry is way down at the bottom because it took me so long to figure out how to pin on someone else's page.

My dad helps me with my business and he uses the Neat scanner to scan in and organize all my receipts and the business cards I collect. Now I will have my own! Check out their FB page or their website.

It's great going paperless. Also, if you have the cloud you can check out your files from any of your devices or computers.




Christmas Bowties for Dog Collars

By Vanessa Fromm
on November 16, 2014

I needed a little break after quilt market and decided to work on Christmas presents etc.  First up were dog collars and bowties for the canine boys.  I  looked around on the internet for tutorials but could not find exactly what I wanted.  Thus, I decided to make my own.


For the collars, I purchased 3/4" nylon webbing and deluxe dog collar hardware kits (also 3/4") from Country Brook Design


They also have a great tutorial on making dog collars.



Next, I decided to make detachable Bowties.  I have three medium-sized dogs so decided to make 4" wide bowties.

Step 1:

Cut a 6" x 8.5" fabric rectangle for the bowtie and a 1.5" x 6" fabric strip for the closing strip
(for lack of a better name).


Step 2:

Fold the large rectangle in half lengthwise, right side together, and stitch with a 1/4" seam.



Step 3:

Turn right side out.


Step 4:

Fold in half width-wise with right sides together and stitch with a 1/4" seam.


Step 5:

Press seam open and turn right side out.


Step 6:

Fold smaller strip in thirds lengthwise and glue shut with liquid stitch.


Step 7:

Lay closing strip on top of bowtie with raw edge side down. 


Step 8:

Pull together and pin.  You can even out the pleats after the closing is stitched together.


Step 9:

Using a zipper foot, stitch the sides of the closing together as close to the bowtie as possible.  
(You will have to move your needle position.)



For a 3/4" collar, your tabs will have to be 1 1/4" long. Measure and iron.  

Make sure that one tab is folded towards the middle and one is folded away from the middle.


Step 11:

Cut a 5/8" piece of velcro.  I was lucky to have some red for the occasion.


Step 12:

Stitch one side of the velcro to the tab that is folded towards the middle and

the other side of velcro to the tab that is folded away from the middle.


Step 13:

Trim any excess velcro away and you are finished!!

Now, just fasten to your collar.


All three boys are now ready for Christmas!


 Here's Olivia's Max in his collar!



Marianne with Elegance

By Vanessa Fromm
on October 15, 2014

I've been working with Rumpled Quilt Skins in Okotoks, AB Canada to create Brother's ScanNCut cutting files for my Marianne quilt.  With the use of these cutting files, the store started a block of the month class this month. Linda, the owner, made this gorgeous black, white, and gold version of Marianne which attracted at least a dozen customers to participate in the BOM program.  Thank you Rumpled Quilt Skins!  Keep the photos coming ;)

Confetti Pillows at PHXMQG

By Vanessa Fromm
on September 29, 2014

Last weekend I was asked to teach my Confetti Pillows at the September meeting of the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild.  I provided patterns, chalkboard fabric, fusible letters (cut with my Silhouette Cameo), and confetti. We had lots of fun!


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